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Surviving and Thriving 101

Thank you Lifeline. To some just a photo; but it runs so much deeper. It’s a vindication of my decision to contact Lifeline and survive & THRIVE!

Out of the darkness into the 29C winter sunshine in my new “My Pack” shirt with my black dog, Jett.

In my time since that dark day (cue ‘darkest before dawn’ clichè), and the jump off the hamster wheel is yielding slow but very optimistic signs.

1️⃣ - I walked away from a lifestyle-supporting paying corporate role in a global powerhouse company to make my mental health a priority. Only took me 25+ years to wake up.

2️⃣ - I started a business fully aligned to my core values.

3️⃣ - I created a brand to help people relate to and feel a sense of support and community for their mental health.

4️⃣ - The ‘My Pack’ clothing line is launched and my inner monologue regularly says “WTAF ARE YOU DOING? You are not Luois Vuitton!!!”

5️⃣ - The first My Pack shirt, the first Pack cap, and Packbook notebook have been purchased by someone other than my mum.

6️⃣ - I’ve lost hours awake at night wondering what is the next step.

7️⃣ - I’ve had many moments of quality time grinning like an idiot proud of myself for the first time.

8️⃣ - Not once have I ever said that I miss the corporate life.

9️⃣ - I’ve seen the beauty of the human spirit and wonderful people reaching out to support and offer help to me and ‘the pack’…!

🔟 - I actually created a website and learned that Wordpress is not for me!

My reason for this post, other than showing you how good the shirt looks, is to prove the value of putting your hand up if you are not ok. I did. Spectacularly and publicly. 🙋🏼‍♂️

And yet, here I am. Alive and thriving with my metaphorical and actual black dog by my side and not looking back. Not one bit.

Ladies and gentlemen; if this resonates with you in anyway and you are not in a good headspace, then contact someone for help.

Men’s helpline, Beyond Blue, Lifeline all have chat options as well as phone numbers. They are free. They are easy. And they help.

The above 10 points are testimony to how good these organisations help!

You. Are. Not. Alone.

The rather raw and vulnerable post was brought to you by the letter I for Iamaliveandgrateful.

Arrrhooooo! 🐺

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