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Suits you, sir.....or does it? Living Authentically

Young boy in poorly fitting suit
The Expectation Outfit
In the grand theatrical production of life, we often find ourselves donning costumes designed by external expectations. As children, we step into outfits meticulously tailored around societal norms, familial hopes, and cultural standards.

These costumes shape our identities, guiding us through the performance of conformity. However, there comes a pivotal moment when the seams of these expectations strain, and we find ourselves stumbling over a costume that no longer fits.

Living Authentically: Crafting Identities

From an early age, we are handed garments woven from the threads of societal expectations. Parents, teachers, friends, relatives, siblings, and cultural influences contribute to this wardrobe, expecting us to embody certain roles and conform to predetermined standards. These costumes, though well-intentioned, may gradually become constricting as we grow and evolve.

The Wake-Up Call

Somewhere along life's journey, the realisation dawns - the costume, once a perfect fit, has become a hindrance. I've found myself tripping over this f**ker on many occasion, and as recent as 8 months ago, I did a spectacular fall into the pit of my own pool of poop, self generated by my own perceptions of expectations.

The weight of external expectations can trip us up, stifling our authenticity and impeding personal growth. It is in these moments of stumbling that an opportunity for profound self-reflection emerges. Are you really living authentically?

That was me in April of 2023.

Taking Stock: A Courageous Act

Recognising that the costume no longer serves us requires courage, or in my case a call to Lifeline. It demands a pause, a moment to take stock of our lives, values, and aspirations. What once seemed like a well-tailored suit may reveal itself as a mask that obscures our true selves. This realization is not a sign of failure but an invitation to rediscover authenticity.

Authenticity is the operative word here. Write it down near your computer on your desk on a post it note!

Post it note
Try spelling it correctly....! (Thanks AI image generator!)

Navigating Towards True Self


Shedding the ill-fitting costume is a process of liberation, huge liberation which is NOT as easy thing to do. Unless a nervous breakdown forces it on you!

It involves an intentional course correction, aligning our lives with our genuine values and aspirations. This journey may involve discarding societal expectations, challenging cultural norms, and embracing the uniqueness that defines us.

Hopeful Unveiling


The hopeful truth is that as we shed the layers of borrowed expectations, we unveil the true essence of who we are. It's a journey towards authenticity, guided by our internal compass rather than external pressures. The act of stepping into our genuine selves is empowering, offering a newfound sense of freedom and purpose.

Embracing Authenticity: A Lifelong Pursuit


As we navigate the delicate dance of shedding societal costumes, it's essential to remember that embracing authenticity is a lifelong pursuit. Think if it like a bucket and you are adding a spoonful of your true self, one scoop at a time.

It requires ongoing self-discovery, self-acceptance, and the resilience to withstand societal pressures. Each step towards authenticity is a victory, a reclaiming of our narrative from external hands. But it was not easy for me one bit. That most difficult and well-stuck band aid ever!

Ripping off band aid
Rip it, rip it good....

The Liberation of Self


In the grand theater of life, the question remains - does the costume fit anymore? If the answer is a stumbling hesitation, it's time to take stock.

Shedding expectations is not an act of rebellion but a courageous declaration of self-worth. Embrace the journey towards authenticity, for therein lies the liberation of self, the unveiling of a life true to your unique script.

Something in that for all of us, yeah?

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Please share this blog with someone in your life who may need to read this. If you have been sent this gift by someone who loves you, embrace it and know that you have the love and support around you to make it happen. It just takes one thought, one decision to get on, or miss that sliding door train... 🚂

"OMG we need you at my workplace!", we hear you say?

If this resonates with you and want to have us in to run a mental health/psychosocial hazard awareness session for 1-2 hours, or even Mental Health First Aid training for your workplace, simply send us a note here and will be in touch!

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