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Dear Walshy

Now, I am not a psychologist or a healthcare professional, but I do get asked about journaling a lot.

  • Where do I start?

  • What do you say?

  • I don't like writing; I'm not good at it...

Just some of the questions and comments I field from people who have reached out to talk. The thing which works for me is writing a letter to one of three fallen friends or family members: my mate Walshy, my grandfather, and my hero Uncle Tony.

The advantage of writing to these people whom I loved/love is that it takes the pressure off having to write, as I see it as 'speaking' with them in a way that doesn't require much brain power from me.

I just vent, cry, tell them how much I miss them, and talk about what is on my mind in a super safe and private way.

(Thankfully when writing to Grandfather, I can swear and have no response from him chipping me! One major advantage!)

To be open, I am actually feeling emotional even writing this, which further proves the advantage of writing, scribing, or journaling - whatever you call it.

So, writing a letter to someone gone, or even someone alive whom you don't speak with anymore, or a hero/celeb or whatever works for YOU, is the main thing and starts the process of journaling your thoughts, worries, concerns, highlights (as I told Walshy about the new Top Gun Maverick movie!), etc.

Whatever it is that is on my mind, I pick up my journal and write a letter to one of my three favorites.

Again, not a professional and sharing what works for me. And it works.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am off to write a note to Uncle Tony and tell him about my new venture into the unknown world of running a small business.

"Painting" photo of the very last photo I had with Uncle Tony. I was going to retake it but thought I'd get another one with him one day...

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