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About the Pack

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Mental Health Pack is on a mission to reshape the global landscape of mental well-being through a commitment to fostering a strong sense of community.


"The Pack" seeks to ignite a worldwide paradigm shift — one that fosters a deeper understanding, acceptance, unwavering support, and genuine celebration of mental health.

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Our Story

The Mental Health Pack was borne from a very dark and scary place by our founder and CEO, Nick. 

Spiralling downward fast in the corporate world and choked by anxiety and depression, it was time to break free from this self made 'corporate prison' and contribute something meaningful to the field of mental health.


Nick has a mission to provide hope to fellow sufferers of depression and anxiety, ensuring that no one felt alone and vulnerable to the Black Dog.











The wolf was selected as our logo as a symbol of protection and safety for those affected by depression or anxiety. The antidote to 'The Black Dog'. 

Apollo, whose name we chose as it carries the mystique of an ancient god, renowned in Greek mythology for wielding the power to heal both body and mind.


We have recently launched 'My Pack' our merchandise range designed to foster a strong sense of community and safety.

Join paws with Apollo and fellow Pack members, as we embark on a journey together. Choose from a variety of clothing, uniting under the same emblem, to create a warm and welcoming environment for all, and a safe space knowing that you are not alone

You. Are. Not. Alone.

(Just in case you missed it the first time...)

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Meet The Team

Our Clients and Friends

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