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Introducing The Mental Health Pack!

The Pack's first blog, so be gentle...

G'day and welcome to The Mental Health Pack, where we've got your back (and your paws!) on this wild journey of conquering those pesky black dogs.

We're all about building a safe and supportive community, where "vulnerability-trust" is our secret weapon to roar through challenges together.

Join the pack, embrace the adventure, and let's howl our way to victory over mental hurdles! 🐺🌟

Allow myself to introduce......myself. I am Nick the founder of Mental Health Pack, and I'm excited to embark on this blogging adventure with you and let you in on who I am. I'm a determined soul who's been wrestling with the black dog for far too long, and I've made it my mission to vanquish the stigma surrounding mental health and set up an organisation geared towards supporting you where we're all about creating a safe and supportive community for mental health warriors like us.

My blog is a space where we can share our struggles, triumphs, and everything in between.

I'm also about organising retreats for men with a positively masculine twist – think campfires, ice baths (yes, you read that right!), and resilience sessions that'll leave us stronger than ever. We will be starting in Brisbane, Australia, then taking it nationally, and ultimately internationally to New Zealand, Fiji, Scandinavia, USA, UK, South America, and even Antarctica (I kid you not).

But don't worry, it's not all serious business here. Along the way, I'll sprinkle some fun and dad-joke humour because, hey, laughter is a powerful healer too.

So join the Pack, my friends, because together we'll prove that "you are not alone" – that's my mantra and the guiding principle behind all we do here at the Mental Health Pack.

What to expect

In upcoming blog posts, you can expect a smorgasbord of inspiration, mental health resources, stories of resilience, and practical tips to help us navigate life's twists and turns. We'll explore mindfulness practices, delve into the power of community support, and perhaps even throw in a few book or movie recommendations to lift our spirits. Whatever we face, know that we'll do it together, and I'm here to be your cheerleader and ally throughout this incredible journey.

Before I go

Get ready to embark on an escapade like no other. Picture this: we're on a thrilling quest to shed light on mental health, have each other's backs, and pave the way to sunnier tomorrows.

So, whether you're holding onto your paws, hats, or even those man-bun hair bands, let's buckle up for this wild ride!

Thank you so much for your support and ongoing commitment to The Pack and everything it stands for in this crazy world we live in.

Please join me in this quest to destigmatise mental health and have some fun with lots of bad (I think good) dad-jokes along the way.

I am pumped! PUMPED!


Nick Mair MHFA CEO and Founder Mental Health Pack

(Yes, I cropped my 4 chins out of the picture...)

Subscribe today and even leave a comment to share your own journey through this sometimes-deep cesspool of black dog poop...

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