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The Lost Art of Looking

Look up and live.

A phrase I often use myself but also those I coach to help get the most out of their daily walk/commute.

Looking up and living with my real black dog
Looking up and living with my real black dog

Our daily lives are often consumed by the incessant pull of smartphones, a constant downward gaze that disconnects us from the world outside the palm of our hands.

"Look Up and Live" serves as a reminder to break free from this digital entanglement, rediscovering the lost art of observation.

By raising our heads and taking in our surroundings, we open ourselves to a world of wonders. The gentle rustle of leaves, the dance of sunlight filtering through branches, and the vibrant hues of flowers are often eclipsed by the glow of screens. It's time to reclaim our sense of wonder by simply looking up.

"Look Up and Live" is a rallying cry for a more vibrant and connected life. It's a call to break free from the digital fog that obscures the beauty around us. As you step outside, let this simple mantra be your guide.

So try this on your next walk.

  • Put the phone away

  • Lift your eyes

  • Soak in the colors

  • Embrace the living masterpiece that is the world around you.

In the act of looking up, you might just find a renewed sense of wonder and a richer, more meaningful experience of life.

Try it....see what happens. Trust me.

Man pointing with black dog
I have no idea why Bing Image Generator gives me a back pack!

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