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Bloody excited!

Announcement! Hit the reset button.

Super excited to announce the Mental Health Pack's very first Manpack Reset Retreat!!! 

The Wolfpack. The Men Collective. The Blokes getaway. The Oh Man I Need a Break designed for me and me alone group. 

Ladies: No doubt there is a man in your life who needs, almost craves, this type of escape to realign their focus on themselves, their goals, their family, and their life. Early birthday or Christmas present?

We are partnering with Steven Demedio and the team at Mind and Body Travel to deliver a first in our world of manhoodness. 

The ManPack Retreat 24 will be at O'Reilly's in the serene Gold Coast hinterland in June! 


What to Expect:

  • Immerse yourself in an environment tailored to reset you and reignite your inner wolf. (yeah we heard it...a bit of OTT, but you get the point)

  • Connect with like-minded men. Belonging, real belonging. Not some airy fairy bullsh*t you read in a Men's Health magazine. 

  • Embrace the the fire, the essence of Manness and reclaim what truly matters to you. Truly truly matters to youYOU, not the expectations of others. 

  • Great food. Exceptional environment. Solid conversation around a campfire. Reconnecting with you and some normal blokes like you

  • 🔥A fire 🔥- a big mother of a campfire to help you gather your thoughts and help get it all out. But only if you want to. No pressure. Sit and lurk and listen if you reset that way. No judgement here, mate. 

  • Hiking in the great outdoors - early. You will earn the food and a rest afterwards.

  • Absolutely NO nakedness and hand holding singing kumbaya in a creek!

  • Ice bath. Yep. An ice bath to help you cross the fear bridge into a new world of realising your inner wolf and letting the beast out. 

  • A free My Pack shirt to wear whilst at the retreat. Likely a wee bit stinky by Friday arvo...hello Biozet! 

Activities & Workshops:

  • Ever tried meditation? Let's try something new and give you some guided meditation and mindfulness sessions to quiet the man-mind and find your lost inner-kid who once wore a footy jersey as formal wear. 

  • We will have safe, open, and optional group discussions and bonding activities to foster connections and a sense of mennunity (made up word for community of men). 

  • You time. Time to wander off and go sit by yourself near a stream, the falls, some trees, a mob of kangaroos resting, or whatever you want to deliver you some quality 'man time' by yourself. Just not on your device in your room. We will even give you a moleskin journal for reflective exercises to help you realign with your values and goals.

  • Absolutely no dickheads allowed!

Why Attend?

Well, as blokes we have a lot on our minds, yeah? 

Being a dad, a worker/leader, husband, boyfriend, friend, and wondering where the hell we fit in this world. Be it as a a counsellor to our mates/partner/kids (or dogs!). We have a lot of sh*t swimming around our heads. Yes? 

So, our plan for you in designing this ManPack retreat, is we offer you a rare chance to pause, reflect, and chart a course towards a more fulfilling existence as a man, man. 

It's time to prioritise you. YOU. And reconnect with your inner compass, and belong to a supportive community of fellow men on this path of life. 

When is it?

📅 Date: 5pm Wednesday 12th to Friday 14th June 

📍 Location: O'Reilly's, Gold Coast Hinterland

💰 Cost: $1,799 (others charge much more, but given it is our first, you get to enjoy a discounted rate - boom! Payment options available.)

🙍 Spaces: 8-10 only

Spaces are limited to just 8-10 blokes. Maybe bring a mate, or your brother?

You have the option to extend your break retreat and invite your family for the Friday night if you want. 

More info available if you want to learn more or to talk through it. I am right here on 0402 403 286 or the link to book is here --> ManPack 24!

Let's do this, men. 

Let's. Do. This. 

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