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Head Above Water, literally!

What a week in Brisbane from both a weather and sporting perspective! Lots to talk about this week, so let's go My Pack Perspectives for number 2 (snicker, I said "number 2"...). 

Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes...

Now that you have that song in your head, it could actually be a wonderful enabler for you to relax and promote internal focus/mindfulness. 

Bear with me...

Imagine sitting comfortably in a chair or even laying down. And now this song is in your head as you visualise each part of you relaxing from head, to your your get the point. 

Trust me. It works if you need to try something different to re-engage your mind to your body. 

I am all about mixing it up to find a way to help me relax and reduce anxiety!

Heeeead, shoulders, knees and toes....

Head, shoulders, strong arms, knees and toes..

The Imposter in the room...🐘

The lurker. 

It, just like the black dog, lurks in the background. As it does every time you get up and present, post a comment, raise your hand in a meeting, or even talk amongst a group of friendly colleagues at lunch. 

Recently, I was terrorised by it, as it stood over me and pinned me down. However, I then received the most wonderful piece of feedback about a session I had run. 

Oh my, Imposter be gone. GONE! All from one heartfelt message of feedback.

In a previous post, I called him Nickoffski as you can see in the image below, he ain't small..! 

He is my constant companion. 

How does it/he/she feel for you? How are they part of your life and activity? Feel free to comment and share what it feels or looks like for you?

Hey Nikoffski up the back, sit down! 

Next podcast: "WOW" is what you will be saying!

I am so excited to share that we have THE Leanne Hughes coming on the show to talk about her own experience supporting men and women in their own lived experience, Brittany Spears, convertibles, and how she strives to 'weaponise' her own mental wellness every single day.

Episode 6 is in da house! Next Tuesday the 6th Feb it is live!

Leanne is one enlightening human to be around. I am still positively buzzing from speaking with her. Wow! 

And, AAAND, she even met one of my most favouriestest people in the world, Justin Langer AM at the recent test match here in Brisbane. (Justin if you are actually reading this, I would love for you to be a guest on the show! Long shot I know, but I will donate a kidney, half my liver, my right arm, my spitfire model, and move to WA if you are up for a solid chat on mental health and your self-care regime....please, for a fellow lefty batsman!).

Folks, if you are going to listen to one podcast episode this year, may we suggest this one is the one to listen to! Oh my lordy yes. More so if you are into setting good goals like, I don't know....something small like a marathon. 🏃

We wont give away too much, but we dare say it is a ripper.


How is your swimming technique?

Remember the Pixar animated film Finding Nemo? And that famous phrase of "just keep swiiiimming" by Dory?! 

Relating to your torrential swirling river ride of life, this phrase resonates on so many levels (and quite literally for those of you in Queensland this week!).

We stop swimming, we sink, smash into the rocks, get eaten by Bruce the shark. Or, we keep swimming and we move forward, at any pace, in the right direction (any direction is movement and a learning experience even in the wrong direction!)

When you are reflecting on your own version of the EAC, just remember to keep going and sometimes a visual reminder is all you need. I will explore this more next week, but maybe think about picking up that post-it note in the corner and writing a small reminder to Just. Keep. Swimming. 📝

It is a straightforward technique to reset your mind while navigating through the challenges (read: excrement) that may arise during your work week. Does that work for you? Are you visual like me? #love-post-it-notes

That's one hellofva ring there, dude... 

Fearing change or changing fear?

A great article recently appeared on the ABC News site, caught my eye, and is worth a read.

"But the discomfort of following your values is so much more preferable than the discomfort of staying stagnant or staying in a situation where you're actually being harmed by the choices that you don't make." (Dr Rebecca Ray, 2024)

I won't continue beyond that wonderful quote; you can find the cited article here (click here!)

As always....

If you need to talk, chat, cry, vent, discuss West Indies cricket victories, shout, scream, or whatever, then I am only a phone call away, or try a trusted friend, family member or one of the wonderful organisations below.

Even better if you have a dog next to you....

If you need someone to talk to, call:

Cue theme song music....and roll the credits 🎶

If you find this topic relevant and believe it would benefit you and your team(s), I offer workplace mental health presentations, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and psychosocial hazard awareness sessions that are available for booking in 2024. Feel free to reach out to me. My number is 0402 403 286, or email me direct at

Have a wonderful week ahead, and be kind to yourself. 



See you next week, folks! 

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